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Are the apples miniature also?

No, the apples grow to normal size.

Are Coronet trees suited to all types of soil?

Coronets grow satisfactorily in most garden soils. However wet soils (subject to waterlogging) are unsuitable

How do I plant my Coronet tree in the garden?

Prepare a hole twice the size of the pot. Drive in a tree stake a little off centre. Tease out any matted roots. With the top of the compost 15mm above surrounding soil tie tree firmly to stake. If possible choose a sunny spot, sheltered from the prevailing wind. If the soil is poor dig a large hole (1 m x 1 m x O.5m deep) and fill it with good loam soil and/or planting compost.

Can I plant my Coronet tree during the cold weather?

Yes, Coronets from garden centres (container grown) may be planted at any time of year. Coronets by mail order (bare rooted) should be planted between November and the beginning of April. In fact the ideal time to plant Coronets is during the winter months.

If I choose to plant my Coronet tree in a pot, what size should it be?

Pots should be at least 25 litre. Plant firmly in fertilised compost with the old soil mark at the top of the compost.

How often should I water my Coronet tree?

Water thoroughly after planting and in dry weather in the first year. Trees in tubs must have moist compost throughout the year.

How should I prune my Coronet tree?

Coronets are best left unpruned. If an occasional stray branch grows strongly cut it out in winter. Otherwise no pruning.

How should I feed my Coronet tree?

Feed it in March with a slow release fertiliser (available in most garden shops). Apply only sufficient for the tree: too much is worse than none at all.

Are there any cooking apples in the Coronet range?

All Coronet varieties are eating types, there are no cookers in the range. However James Grieve is acceptable for cooking if picked while still green (late Aug).

Do Family Coronet trees need another fruit tree to produce apples?

No, as there are two varieties on the tree, they do not require a partner.

Do Solo Coronet trees require need another fruit tree to produce apples?

No, as these are self fertile they do not need a partner tree to crop.

Do Companion Coronet trees need another fruit tree to produce apples?

Yes, two Companion varieties are needed to set a crop of apples.

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